Our Story

Our Story

It all started with a trip to Guam that was filled with hidden waterfalls in the middle of the jungle, local cliff jumping spots, and even a rundown shack that housed arguably the best BBQ we'll ever have. This was all made possible because we had a friend who grew up in the area and was able to give us unique recommendations on what to do - all based on what fit our personalities.

This trip set an expectation for every one we went on, but that expectation was rarely met. We would return from a trip and find we missed out on a bunch of really cool activities. We would always ask, "Where the heck was that when we were searching for things to do? What do we have to do to reach those types of activities?"

The apps we used would only give us what the general traveler thought was the best, but it didn't know us and didn't care about who we were. We didn't have a local friend every place we went feeding us recommendations, so we just had to settle for the touristy things.

It was out of that pain point that Brenden Coleman and Austin Cinalli, created NativX with one mission in mind; allow you to experience a city on a deeper level - as if you had a good friend anywhere you go.

What Sets NativX Apart?

Useful Tips From Natives - Who knows an area better than the people who live there? You'll find unique places you're sure to love with the help from expert Natives. It's like having a friend everywhere you go, but these friends are experts in a specific category - think breweries, brunch or tapas!

Avoid the paradox of choice - Too many choices leads to unhappiness. Instead of showing you millions of options, NativX filters through the endless choices to show you recommendations you are likely to enjoy.

The Founding Team


Austin Cinalli

CoFounder & COO

Austin graduated from West Virginia University in 2015 with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. He then went on to work at Aramark as a Business Analyst for their Sports & Entertainment division, where he helped twenty-eight major league stadiums across the country improve efficiency in their food and beverage operation. In his spare time, Austin loves to golf, fish, and explore the restaurants around Philly.

Austin focuses on partnerships, sales, and business operations.


Brenden Coleman

CoFounder & CEO

Brenden graduated the Air Force Academy where he also played lacrosse. After graduation, he served as a Space Operations Officer stationed at Cape Cod Air Force Station. During his time at the Air Force Academy, he co-organized Student (ad)Venture - a startup weekend style event geared toward promoting entrepreneurship in the Colorado Springs universities. Brenden’s hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, and exploring new cities.

Brenden focuses on product and marketing.

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