The most Instagramable coffee shops in Philly

Coffee shops have become so much more than just a spot to grab that morning cup on your way to work. They're now destinations buzzing with energy. Old friends catching up on life, remote workers logging hours, and of course, people taking that perfect picture to show off where they are.

The Natives have put together a list of a few of their favorite coffee shops that seemingly were built for that perfect Instagram shot!

Each of our Natives specializes in a specific category like craft beer, fun dates, or boozy brunch. They have a deep understanding of each place they recommend to help you make a decision on what place fits you best. We ONLY show places that the Natives have vouched for and love!


Herman's Coffee

Address: 1313-17 South 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Claire - @phillyimmersion | Philly Coffee Native:
"This is the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon on a warm summer's day. It's inside what used to be an auto repair shop, so if the weather is nice they have the garage doors open which makes the place bright and sweeping. They're really creative with their drink specials, like a Vietnamese or Apple Pie syrup for a latte, or an Espresso Cocktail with Rosemary and Cranberry."

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Lil Pop Shop

Address: 265 South 44th Street
West Philadelphia, PA 19104

JennM | Philly Sweets Native:
"The perfect spot for a sweet treat in the heat! This cute little shop has a variety of dairy and non-dairy popsicles that are sure to satisfy any cravings. They even have a Pupsicle for those who want to treat their pup too! While this place is known for its popsicles, it makes a great study spot on the weekends and won’t be as crowded as your neighborhood coffee shop."

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Two Persons Coffee

Address: 821 Dudley Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

AJ | Philly Coffee Native:
"The old rustic artistic vibe makes it stand out and enjoyable. The atmosphere brings feeling of school days. The coffee is brewed by Passengers in Lancaster. You can’t go wrong with a drink from this new hot spot"

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Ultimo Coffee

Address: Multiple Locations

Callie | Philly Coffee Native:
"I love Ultimo Rittenhouse because their Baristas are welcoming, helpful, and knowledgable and you can tell that this business really cares about the quality of their coffee! You can taste it too!"

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Ox Coffee

Address: 616 S. 3RD ST

Callie | Philly Coffee Native:
"I love Ox coffee because the coffee is exceptional but also because their space makes me want to hang out in there forever. It’s filled with wood finishes, beautiful green plants, copious amounts of natural light, local art on the walls for sale. It makes you feel at home!"

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Shakesphere & Co.

Address: 1632 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19103

Claire - @phillyimmersion | Philly Coffee Native:
"Serving you coffee from La Colombe, pastries from Metropolitan Bakery, and surrounded by stacks of books, could this get any cozier? This is a great place to spend some leisurely time strolling through the stacks and enjoying some good coffee. They can also print books on site if they don't have what you're looking for!"

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