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I grew up in Upstate NY, went to Penn State (WE ARE!) and ended up moving to Philly for a job upon graduation. I absolutely fell in love with the City of Brotherly love, and made it my mission to try all of the great restaurants and bars Philly had to offer. I have always been a big Foodie, who lends a big portion of my budget each month to going out to eat... oops (I also hate cooking so that doesn't help.) I admit, making dinner/brunch reservations when friends and family come to visit is my guilty pleasure.


Erin's Top Spots

What you need to know:

El Vez is one of my favorite brunch spots in Philly, and many people don't know they even offer brunch! Brunch is only served on Sundays and starts at 11 am. I would get there fairly early in the afternoon as this place fills up quick.

They have an awesome Mexican brunch menu ,and you can order from the regular dinner menu too. My favorite dishes are the Huevos Rancheros (only $9!), and the Huevos Sopes (eggs benedict on a sopa yummm). From someone who usually hates tequila, the Margaritas here are AMAZING. I especially like the frozen blood orange marg and the pink cadillac margarita. The Guac and Nachos are also a necessity.

As far as the vibes go, it is a swanky space with big, velvet booths that are great for bigger groups! (as seen in my pic above.) El Vez is Complete with a rotating bicycle on the bar and polaroid pics pasted all over the wall for a fun vibe.

What you need to know:

Sabrina's Cafe has a few different locations in Philly, (my go-to is the Italian market/Christian St. location.) This place is adorably quaint and homey, and the best part is's BYOB! SO bring your champ bottles to pop ;] and order some grapefruit juice/orange juice for the table. I also love the coffee cups here. Each one is unique and looks like you would find them in your childhood home or grandparents house. (gotta love the little things LOL.)

The best thing at Sabrina's is there revolving specials menu each month. Although, sometimes I wish they had some of those amazing items all year round! They always have some unique, sweet meals on the specials menu. My last visits I had S'mores pancakes and corn bread with jalapeno jam and bacon, one of the best meals I've ever had. My favorite thing to do here is get some "table pancakes" to share with friends.

The Italian Market Sabrina's location does not take reservations unfortunately, but you can call ahead 25 minutes to be put on the waiting list or sign up ahead on Yelp! They also have a waiting room that is good for the winter months. They have outdoor seating as well.. As you can see in my pic, my friends and I were eating outside, in early March!

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What you need to know:

The Cambridge has a really awesome brunch menu. The Food is definitely the best part of this rustic, cozy establishment.

My favorite dishes are the Layered Breakfast Tostados and the Farmers Market Scramble (SOOO GOOD!) The chicken and waffles are amazing too.
The cocktails here are a little expensive (Mimosas are $13) but they are well made and still yummy.

The vibes here as I said above are rustic, welcoming and relaxing. When I think of a Fall morning brunch I think of Cambridge.

What you need to know:

Green Eggs Cafe was one of the first brunch spots I tried (and fell in love with) in Philly. They also do not take reservations so try to get there a bit early in the day, as it gets packed! it is also Cash only and has outdoor seating as well.

One of my favorite parts about Green Eggs is the COFFEE. They always have some unique concoctions and fun, iced drinks. Just like Sabrina's Cafe, they always have a good amount of specials and unique menu items, especially the sweet items.. I see right now they have cookie dough pancakes on the menu... So definitely come here if you have a sweet tooth.

My favorite dishes that are always on the menu, are the red velvet pancakes (pictured above), They taste like cupcakes... so prepare for a sugar high. The kitchen sink is a savory skillet covered in a pork sausage gravy that is very satisfying.

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What you need to know:

Cafe Lift is another wait for it.. *BYOB* Spot. So again, bring your Prosecco and Champ. They don't take reservations so prepare for a wait in peak hours.. and Cash only!

Cafe Lift is a hip, urban/industrial looking spot with a packed menu. Dishes to try here are the lemon ricotta pancakes, cannoli french toast and the Huevos Rancheros.

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What you need to know:

Jones is one of the few brunch spots in Philly with bottomless champagne bottles. (I believe it was about $23/$24 for each person, not including food.) The bottomless includes a few different puree flavors to mix, which I like way more than the classic mimosa. So if you're looking for a boozy brunch this is a good choice.

The food isn't too memorable or unique but I do remember the tots were extremely salty LOL, so beware.

The vibes are retro, swanky, with a fancier diner feel.

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