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Obsessed With My Pup & Sweets

I am a Philly Native who aspires to travel to every state on a nationwide Donut Tour.

I have been a sweet lover since birth but starting at the age of 13 I started working in a family bakery. This is where my passion for baking really flourished. Being in this environment encouraged me to try recipes that I normally wouldn't, but in my opinion nothing beats a Carrot Cake or an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie.

The only thing I love more than baking is my Golden Retriever Pup. So along my bakery travels I hope to find ones that offer treats for her as well.

Jenn's Top Spots

What you need to know:

Magpie made me go from hating pies to loving pies! I have always loved pecan or pumpkin pies but I never knew how many other amazing flavors there are. When going to Magpie make sure to check out their savory pies if you want a quick lunch. My personal favorite is the Oatmeal Cookie pie. It is a delicious treat that I crave at all hours of the day.

What you need to know:

If you are looking for a bakery with amazing butter cookies then you have to go to Isgro's. Their small butter cookies are highly addictive!

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What you need to know:

A place known for its massive portions. Although they have delicious sandwiches, make sure to browse the bakery area to enjoy one of the massive cake slices or delicious cookies!

What you need to know:

When looking for a donut place in Philly almost everyone will tell you to go to Federal Donuts. I wish I could be different and tell you to go to another place but I simply cannot. Federal Donuts is the best donut that I have had in Philly. Their Donuts are a cake donut that are not too heavy and not greasy. They always have rotating flavors, but my favorite that I have tried is the Coffee Cake donut.

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