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Philly's wine scene is definitely an underrated one. There are plenty of places that not only have great wines but have an atmosphere that creates an experience worth talking about. We surveyed our Natives to find out their favorites around the city. If you are into wine, you're absolutely going to want to save this one.

Each of our Natives specializes in a specific category like craft beer, fun dates, or boozy brunch. They have a deep understanding of each place they recommend to help you make a decision on what place fits you best. We ONLY show places that the Natives have vouched for and love!



Address: 14 N Front StPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 USA

PhillyStory | Philly Foodie Native:
"Panorama has the largest wine collection as well as a large selection of wines on tap."

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Fishtown Social

Address: 1525 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Ian | Philly Wine Native:
"Although craft beers and breweries dominate Fishtown, this spot is lobbying for Fishtown to be a hot spot for wine connoisseurs. Although I lean towards Reds vs. white wine, they have a huge selection whether you’re looking for a nice Cab or a sweet Riesling."

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Tredici Enoteca

Address: 13th & Sansom 

Ian | Philly Wine Native:
"On the same street as Jamonera and a spin-off of Zavino – wine crawl anyone? – Tredici has a modern and open atmosphere. It has a large wine selection that can get pretty intimidating, but they know their shit so just ask."

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The Love.

Address: 130 S. 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Jill | Philly Date Spots Native:
"The Love opened in early 2018, ever since there has been a lot of buzz around this restaurant, and I finally got the opportunity to go! The restaurant is the perfect combination of upscale without having to ditch your jeans. As soon as you sit down, listen to your waiter or waitress - they know the menu well and made fantastic recommendations based on our preferences."

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Paris Wine Bar

Address: 2303 Fairmount Avenue

Ian | Philly Wine Native:
"If you find yourself in Fairmount, stop by London Grill’s Paris Wine Bar. What’s the big attraction here? Wine On Tap. It’s not too often you see wine bars with wine on tap. They have a great selection and cool European vibes. Great for meeting a group for wine and apps, or a casual date."

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Address: 114 S 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

Jill | Philly Date Spots Native:
"Charming tapas restaurant! Great for couples that love wine and are willing to share plates. This is a cozy little restaurant in the heart of Center City. Highly recommend the arugula salad with fried goat cheese and figs, green beans, patatas riojanas, chicken skewers (with grapes) and the paella. For the more daring couples... give the octopus a try too!"

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Address: 105 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Ian | Philly Wine Native:
"When I think of places that exist solely for the wine aficionados, Jamonera is the first to come to mind. They devote all their energy into discovering, selecting, and presenting a killer wine selection that has something for everyone. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed Sommelier or the casual wine drinker, Jamonera is the spot."

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Jet Wine Bar

Address: 1525 South Street, Philadelphia PA

Ian | Philly Wine Native:
"One of the most unique wine bars in Philly, Jet pulls wine from some super exotic areas all around the world. The owner used to be an Archaeologist so she brings in wines influenced by her travels (hence the Jet themed atmosphere). They do wine flights which is awesome! Grab a flight and sit facing South Street when they open up the front. Oh, and they open at 11am everyday so…"

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Barcelona Wine Bar

Address: 1709 East Passyunk Avenue

PhillyFoodies | Philly Foodie Native:
"Most people think of dinner when they hear 'tapas', but their tapas-style brunch is literally one of the best brunches I've ever had. It's a great place to go with a group of people and order one of everything to share!"

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